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I already own one or more SWAM Solo Strings v2 instruments. How does your new release promotion for SWAM Solo Strings v3.0 apply in my case?
Last Updated 4 months ago

SWAM Solo Strings v3 is not an update, nor a replacement for v2. It is a new and different product that can run in parallel with Solo Strings v2. For this reason, it’s a paid upgrade, but we offer our loyal customers generous discounts to upgrade their v2 Strings instrument to the new v3 release.

All customers who own one or more Solo Strings instrument v2 prior to January 18, 2021, have access to a 75% discount on the listed price of v3 instruments until September 30, 2021. This means that for single instrument upgrades, you can purchase the upgrade at $30 instead of $120 per instrument, $90 instead of $360 for the bundle.

Discounts do not apply to bundle completions since we already provide a discount for those who wish to complete their purchase to a bundle through our Upgrade Paths.

NOTE: Upgrade to v3 will be available once SWAM Solo Strings v3 will be officially released (ETA: end of March 2021).

New customers who bought one or more SWAM Solo Strings v2 instruments later than January 18, 2021, will be given a free v3 upgrade.

To understand better how our new release promo and the Bundle Completion Paths discounts can work together to your advantage, here is an example:

Let’s say you already have Violin v2 and Cello v2.

Scenario 1)
Complete the Solo Strings v2 bundle and then upgrade to the Solo Strings v3 bundle.

Price for completing Solo Strings v2 bundle: $180 ($90 x 2)
Price for upgrading to Solo Strings v3 from Solo Strings v2 bundle: $90 (75% off on the original price of $360)

Total = $270

Scenario 2)
Purchase the missing single instruments with the promotion for new customers (buy now and get v2 and a free update to v3).

Price for purchasing Double Bass and Viola v2 + v3 with our current offer: $240
Price for upgrading to the Solo Strings bundle v3 from v2: $60

Total = $300

Here’s another example:

Let’s say you own SWAM Viola, and want to have a Solo Strings v3 bundle once it's released.

Scenario 1)
You purchase the missing instruments v2 at full price and you get v3 of those instruments for free (you’ll have to purchase Viola as an upgrade from Viola v2 since you already own it).

Violin + Cello + Double Bass v2 + v3: $120 x 3 = $360
Viola v3 (Solo Strings v3 bundle completion): $30

Total: $390

Scenario 2)
You complete a Solo Strings v2 bundle with the upgrade path discount, and then purchase the Solo Strings v3 bundle with the upgrade path discount (75% off until September).

Solo Strings v2 bundle completion (Violin + Cello + Double Bass v2): $90 x 3 = $270
Upgrade to Solo Strings v3 bundle from Solo Strings v2 bundle: $90

Total: $360

As you can see, we do our very best to privilege existing customers through our Upgrade Paths.

So because of that, depending on your specific situation, here’s what we suggest:

  • I do not own any Solo Strings v2 product, what’s the best solution? Purchase now since you get v3 for free in addition to v2.
  • I own some of the Solo Strings v2 products and I’m not interested in bundle completion, I just want to upgrade to v3. Upgrade your v2 instruments to v3 for $30 each (75% discount on listed price).
  • I own some of the Solo Strings v2 products and I’m interested in the Solo Strings v3 bundle. Complete a v2 bundle with our Upgrade Paths discount, then upgrade the Solo Strings bundle v2 to the v3 bundle.
  • I own the ALL-IN bundle and I want the Solo Strings v3 bundle as well. Upgrade your Solo Strings v2 to Solo Strings v3 bundle at $90 (75% discount on usual price).

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