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My License Keys do not work anymore!
Last Updated 2 years ago

1) You are trying to authorize on a new computer but you reached the maximum number of available authorizations

A single License Key allows for a maximum number of authorizations. Please check the number of authorizations allowed for your License Key on the Customer Portal
If you have just installed your product on a new computer, and you have already reached the maximum number of authorizations for that key, the product cannot be authorized.
In this case, the only way to activate your product on your new computer (other than buying a new license) is to DEAUTHORIZE one of your activations; anyway, doing so, the instrument corresponding to that activation on the older computer will stop working.

2) You just performed an upgrade of your Operating System

In some cases, performing an OS upgrade will invalidate your License Keys (for example upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10, or from OS X).

Please have a look at this known issue for a specific Windows 10 update:

3) You just performed an hardware upgrade

In some cases, performing an hardware upgrade or a BIOS update to your machine, will invalidate your License Keys (for example changing CPU or replacing the Motherboard).

For the scenarios 1), 2) and 3), you can "DEAUTHORIZE" your Activation(s). This can be done on the Customer Portal

4) You just performed an upgrade of your SWAM products (Saxophones and Clarinets only)

Starting from v2.x of The Saxophones, Soprano Sax and The Soprano & Bass Clarinets, the license procedure has changed: each License Key now unlocks all instruments of the same package, so, for example for The Saxophones you won't need to manage four different keys.

If you've just updated your SWAM instrument from an older release, maybe you overlooked your new License Keys in the email message you received together with the download links.
Anyway, you can always recover your License Keys have a look at this FAQ:


The deauthorization process for OFFLINE activations is not possible using this page.
Contact the SWAM Support Team through the Contact Page or send an email to in order to know how to proceed for OFFLINE activations.

Please, use the email address you used for the purchase, or supply both the order number and at least one of your License Keys to prove your ownership.

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