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How can I create ensembles with SWAM instruments?
Last Updated 4 years ago

You need to simulate what happens in the real life, i.e. add an instrument for each player of the section who plays slightly different from the others.

1- on a DAW create one track for each player of the section (let's say 8 violins), and load a SWAM Violin on each

2- each instance of the violin must behave differently form the others:
- slightly detune each instance (from -15 to +15 cents)
- select a different "Instrument" for each instance (select "M" mono types to save CPU)
- change a little bit bow position, bow pressure, string resonance and so on
- write the sequence for the first violin, copy it to the other tracks, then slightly randomize the starting point and the duration of each note for each track
- turn off the internal reverb, insert a reverb plugin on each track and set different Early Reflection time (e.g. from 20 to 40 ms) and pan positioning for each instance

3- apply a final reverb to the whole section

Of course, running 8 violins will require a lot of CPU power. If you run out of power, you can render some tracks to audio and work on the remaining ones.

This is a rough example done with 4 violins. The track starts with the ensemble followed by each violin separately:

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