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SWAM Saxophones vs The Sax Brothers
Last Updated 3 years ago

Before getting into technical details, please have a look at this FAQ: who is the owner of the SWAM technology?.

Important! As announced by Samplemodeling, "The Sax Brothers" have been dismissed on May, 31st 2018:

"The Sax Brothers" is a sample library for Kontakt with an extensive scripting and sample processing conceived and developed by Stefano Lucato (currently, CEO of Audio Modeling). "SWAM Saxophones" is based on a totally new proprietary technology called SWAM - Synchronous Wave Acoustic Modeling ( ).
Acoustically speaking the difference is not so much, someone says that The Sax Brothers have a "brighter" sound, the Tenor Sax has a more "noisy" sound on pp dynamics, but of course it depends on settings, presets and equalization.

Other differences:
  • "The Sax Brothers" needs to be played with Kontakt player; "SWAM Saxophones" come as AudioUnits, VST and AAX plugin for both Mac and Windows 64bit.
  • "SWAM Saxophones" includes a Soprano Sax, while "The Sax Brothers" does not.
  • "SWAM Saxophones" runs without problems at 44100 Hz samplerate, while the Alto Sax in "The Sax Brothers" needs to be played at 88200 Hz otherwise you'll hear a jitter noise.
  • "SWAM Saxophones" includes microtuning, temperament and overblow functionalities, while "The Sax Brothers" does not.
  • "SWAM Saxophones" includes two type of legato modes (Glissando vs. Expressive).
  • "SWAM Saxophones" supports multi-channel, multi-expressive devices (ROLI Seaboard, ROLI Blocks, LinnStrument)
  • finally, "The Sax Brothers" is a deprecated product, it means it has no more support and it will never be updated; "SWAM Saxophones" is constantly updated to include new features and fix any eventual reported issues

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