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SWAM Cello
Last Updated 2 years ago

v. 2.1.0

- New: extended micro tuning range to +/- 100 cents (previous presets are retro-compatible)
- New: values are now editable for micro tuning
- New: restyle for MIDI mapping page
- Improved CPU performance, especially for higher sample rates
- Fix: micro tuning status after double-click to reset
- Fix: preset name not updated after preset saving
- Fix: Pitch Bend Range for Default LinnStrument preset
- Fix: manual tremolo conflict with key switch for selecting mono polyphony

v. 2.0.3

- New: microtuning can be controlled through SysEx by Yamaha PSR-A3000 and generic controller
- New: minor sound improvements
- New: enabled "Learn" for Aftertouch in MIDI mapping page
- Improved slide (CC74) for MPE devices (Seaboard, LinnStrument, ...)
- Fix: Expression can be controlled on a MIDI channel different from the Note MIDI channel
- Fix: GUI not showing correctly under some circumstances
- Fix: hidden non-automatable parameters
- Fix: refactoring of all parameter names and values shown by DAWs for automation
- Fix: Vibrato Depth not working with automations
- Fix: wrong assignment for some MIDI remapping Min/Max values (from "Env Attack Speed" to "Reverb Mix")
- Fix: CC74 mapping for non-MPE devices

v. 2.0.2

- Fix: SWAM cuts notes having same note number and same channel
- Fix: Wind Controller default preset Portamento Time inverted CC mapping
- Improved bipolar bow gesture


- Expanded string tuning range: lower string from F to G
- Increased the onset detuning ("Random Finger")
- Fix: wrong Instruments sort on macOS
- Fix: wrong pitch bend for double stops (Double, Double/Hold, Auto)
- Fix: backward compatibility with older .swam presets
- Fix: wrong settings opening, closing and reopening quickly the GUI (Windows only)


Starting from the this release, only 64bit plugins will be released.

- "SWAM" is always displayed in the plugin name
- new installation folder "Audio Modeling"
- replaced all body models (Instruments)
- Added Expression an Vibrato Depth to automatable parameters
- Added "Max P.B. Range" parameter, especially for MPE devices using 48 semitones P.B.
- Pitch-Bend is limited internally to +/- 12.5 semitones
- Internal remapping of CC74 when used in combination with Expression CC = AT (for MPE devices especially)
- New User Portal ( integration
- Improved bow/string friction model
- Improved memory management
- Other minor improvements

Known Issues:
- macOS: Audio Units cache cleaning and system restart are highly recommended after installation.
- macOS: GarageBand X >= 10.2.0 does not recognize the plugin as valid. Contact the Audio Modeling support at for a workaround.


This is the last update that comes with 32bit plugin versions.
Starting from the next update, only 64bit plugins will be released.

- Improved bow/string friction model
- Small improvements to sound engine
- Slightly improved legato on multi-dimensional devices (like Seaboard and LinnStrument)
- Possibility to exclude portamento for velocity-controlled legato transitions
- Added emulation of instruments recorded through a PickUp
- GUI improvements: activation panel, warning messages, other tweaks
- Wind Controller preset: Expression CC min value = 2. This prevents the bow stops before note-off
- Fix: sometimes Auto polyphony it's not triggered after about 20 seconds from the latest note


- Added new Instruments
- Improved sound engine
- Improved noise modeling
- Improved attacks
- Improved "Con Sordino" effect
- Reduced staccato vs legato "guard time" for detached notes
- Crescendo "from nothing" possible by pressing a note at a very low velocity while Expression = 0
- Smoother pp attacks
- Removed "Expr/Press match" parameter
- Added "Mono String Crossing" parameter
- Renamed "Stickiness" parameter to "Rosin", "Accent Type" parameter to "Accent" and slightly modified the behavior
- Increased Vibrato Intensity range (go to "MIDI mapping" page to extend the max rescaling value)
- Increased queue size of retrigger notes
- Various small fixes
- Various GUI small enhancements, especially finger position markers
- Fixed pizzicato harmonics


- New: version number and features aligned with "The Viola"
- New: updated Help & Credits


- Fix: AAX plugins not recognized on Mac OSX


- First release

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