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SWAM Clarinets
Last Updated 2 years ago

v. 2.9.0

- New: extended micro tuning range to +/- 100 cents (previous presets are retro-compatible)
- New: values are now editable for micro tuning
- New: restyle for MIDI mapping page
- Improved CPU performance, especially for higher sample rates
- Fix: micro tuning status after double-click to reset
- Fix: preset name not updated after preset saving
- Fix: Pitch Bend Range for Default LinnStrument preset

v. 2.8.4

- Fix: glitch during legato harmonic intervals

v. 2.8.3

- New: microtuning can be controlled through SysEx by Yamaha PSR-A3000 and generic controller
- New: minor sound improvements
- New: enabled "Learn" for Aftertouch in MIDI mapping page
- Improved slide (CC74) for MPE devices (Seaboard, LinnStrument, ...)
- Fix: GUI not showing correctly under some circumstances
- Fix: hidden non-automatable parameters
- Fix: wrong value for "Attack Sens." and "Transit.Time" under some circumnstances (especially for Cubase on Windows)
- Fix: Breathy ppp value not saved on some hosts/DAWs
- Fix: Vibrato Depth not working with automations
- Fix: refactoring of all parameter names and values shown by DAWs for automation
- Fix: CC74 mapping for non-MPE devices

v. 2.8.2

- Fix: SWAM cuts notes having same note number and same channel
- Fix: Wind Controller default preset Transit. Time = CC inv

v. 2.8.1

- Fix: Formant not working
- Fix: wrong Instr. ordering
- Fix: backward compatibility with older .swam presets
- Fix: wrong settings opening, closing and reopening quickly the GUI (Windows only)

v. 2.8.0

Starting from the this release, only 64bit plugins will be released.

- "SWAM" is always displayed in the plugin name
- new installation folder "Audio Modeling"
- Added Expression an Vibrato Depth to automatable parameters
- Added "Max P.B. Range" parameter, especially for MPE devices using 48 semitones P.B.
- Pitch-Bend is limited internally to +/- 12 semitones
- Internal remapping of CC74 when used in combination with Expression CC = AT (for MPE devices especially)
- New User Portal ( integration
- Improved memory management
- Other minor improvements

Known Issues:
- macOS: Audio Units cache cleaning and system restart are highly recommended after installation.
- macOS: GarageBand X >= 10.2.0 does not recognize the plugin as valid. Contact the Audio Modeling support at for a workaround.

v. 2.7.0

This is the last update that comes with 32bit plugin versions.
Starting from the next update, only 64bit plugins will be released.

- GUI improvements: activation panel, warning messages, other tweaks
- Legato Mode can be controlled by MIDI CC
- Expression change is more reactive in Flutes
- Accidental Squeak is controlled by Dyn.Harm
- Possibility to exclude portamento for velocity-controlled legato transitions

- crash at startup or when loading presets on some hosts/DAWs
- muted instrument and empty display after first activation
- presets not recalled by Vienna Ensemble Pro

v. 2.6.1

- AAX plugins not recognized on Mac OSX - Random crash on some systems

v. 2.6.0

- Added "MIDI mapping" page
- Added MIDI CC Min/Max rescaling
- Added Breathy ppp layer option (Saxophones and Clarinets only)
- Added Sustain midi mapping to hold a note using the sustain pedal
- Added presets and default presets for Seaboard and LinnStrument
- Higher expression smoothing for detected pitch-bend vibrato when Expression is mapped to AfterTouch (especially fo Seaboard and LinnStrument)
- New .swam preset internal format (compatibility with previously saved presets is not guarantee)
- Improved parameters and presets save/recall
- Improved Help & Credits page
- Replaced Reset pop-up window with an overlay panel
- Displayed current buffer size

- "Buffer too small / too big" error in ProTools
- Parameters automation issues
- Better communication between audio processor and GUI
- Parameters saving/recall can be inconsistent for some parameters
- Reduced TimeOut for license check at startup (slow connection or problematic DNS resolution)
- Breath Controller Mode (Expr. Trigger active): first note-on of a phrase sometimes skipped
- Installer: wrong AAX installation on Windows

v. 2.5.3

- Added dedicate option for choosing the KeySwitches MIDI Channel
- Added "Key Deauth" button for License Key deauthorization
- Added "Resource Path" option in Options page for changing the Resources search [Windows only]
- Installer: It is possible to specify a different location for the Resources [Windows only]

- Improved stability
- Better support for multi-channel instruments (Seaboard, Linnstrument, ...)
- Fixed hanging notes for note-on events with zero velocity in some circumnstances
- Fixed Double-Click default values in Options page
- Expression curve does not affect note-on / note-off thresholds for Breath Controller (Expr. Trigger Mode = Normal / Fast)
- Fixed K.S. Octave Transposition message
- Fixed AAX issue "plugin not recognized by ProTools on Mac"
- Fixed issue "Plugins not recognized by MASCHINE and KORE on Mac"
- Installer: fixed permissions on the Preset folder [Mac only]
- Installer: Mac installers are now signed with Developer Certificate

v. 2.5.1

- GUI not shown in VEP when Audio Engine is stopped (may affect other hosts starting with Audio Engine stopped)
- AAX plugins fail validation on Mac in some circumnstances

v. 2.5.0

- Two new options for "Pan Behavior": Dyn1, Dyn2
- Expanded Release and Compressor range
- Better attack and release behavior
- Improved reverb
- Several GUI tweaks

- CPU consumption and parameters save/restore when GUI open on several hosts (VEP, Fruity Loops and others)
- Notes skipped in ProTools 10 (AAX 32bit) on Windows
- Key-switches and instrument range not displayed in Reaper in some circumnstances
- Reset window stay behind instrument window on some hosts

v. 2.4.0

- Vibrato Auto-Detection on both Expression and Pitch-Bend
- Monitor displays real Expression input (not the remapped one)
- PitchBend range +/- 12
- Poly-Pressure support (especially for ROLI Seaboard)

- KeyNoise on attack in keyboard mode
- Receptor compatibility issues
- Reaper compatibility issues
- Vienna Ensemble Pro crashes in some circumstances
- Microtuning sliders restore default values when GUI opens
- Portamento time does not start with MIN portamento time (Wind Controllers)
- Different volume when loading mono
- Activation window goes behind parent window on some hosts

v. 2.2.0

- Fast BC mode
- Better harmonic transitions
- New Dynamic Envelop graph
- Automatic Key Switches position shift to avoid overlap with instrument range

- Reduced CPU load and overall optimization
- Host crash when two instances are loaded and both GUIs are open
- Noise for samplerate greater than 88.2 kHz
- Fixed attacks in some circumstances when Attack Dyn set to Express
- Microtuning labels disappear after a warning message

v. 2.1.1
- Re-added Instr. "Clar0 Flat" (missing in v2.1.0)

v. 2.1.0

- Improved sound engine (SWAM engine v2.1)
- Breath Controller Mode (air pressure triggers note-on)
- AAX format (ProTools 10 and 11) supported
- More comfortable activation procedure (single activation unlocks both instruments)
- Realtime control of formant shift by a MIDI CC
- Improved legato transition
- New key switch to switch between legato modes Gliss and Expr
- Performances improvements


- Current sample rate displayed
- Added CC#7, CC#10 and CC#91 popup menu to Main Volume, Pan and Reverb Mix
- Optimized vibrato for wind controller bite sensor (pitch bend)
- Improved vibrato controlled by CC
- Improved sound compression (driven by compressor slider)
- Improved randomness
- Improved growl
- Improved modal resonance
- Pitch Bend controls on GUI in decimals
- Pitch Bend down using positive values
- Additional "Instruments"

- Reduced CPU load when GUI is displayed (Mac only)
- Key Noise MIDI CC mapping
- Possible crash on OS X using Russian language


- Instrument fine tuning
- Current samplerate displayed

- Vienna Ensemble Pro Server compatibility
- Reduced CPU load when GUI is displayed on Mac

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