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First note of a phrase randomly not played (v2.5.3 and Flutes v1.2.3)
Last Updated 3 years ago

Randomly the first note of a phrase is not played using The Saxophones, Clarinets, Double Reeds v2.5.3 and The Flutes v1.2.3.
The issue is unfortunately a bug. It is related to the settings for the Breath Controller, specifically to the "Expr. Trigger Mode": when this parameter is set to "Normal" or "Fast", a held note can be retriggered by the breath rising up from zero to a non-zero value. But if the breath level is zero for more than 20 seconds, sometimes the next note-on is skipped.

- If the retriggering is not needed, you can set the "Expr. Trigger Mode" to "Off".
- Provide a short breath input (CC greater than 5) just before the phrase starts
- Install a previous version of the product

Please update your product(s).
The latest release is available on the Customer Portal (

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