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Warning! Expression controller non received
Last Updated 2 years ago

Ours are "Expressive" instruments. Unlike standard sample libraries, all our instruments do not work without an Expression controller: it could be an Expression pedal, a Breath Controller, a wheel, a knob, a slider, a Wind Controller, a Seaboard, a LinnStrument, a Touché, a mobile App capable of sending MIDI data, and so on.

The default mapping for the Expression controller is the MIDI CC11, which is usually assigned to a keyboard Expression pedal.

In order to use your favorite controller to control the Expression, please go to the Options page -> MIDI mapping and change the MIDI CC mapping for the "Expression" entry accordingly.

You can use the "Learn" button and move your controller. In this mode, the instrument recognizes the first incoming CC number and automatically assigns it to the Expression setting.

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